Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fanciful Fungi #2

Recent snaps of fungi from Gulaga National Park. Although the walk was about 11km return through various landscapes, there was little fungi to be seen. It is possible it has something to do with the recent fire I talked about in my last post. However, I did get to see some very different species this time.

Puffball!!! Don't tread on it, or you will be stunk out with spores. Puffballs are related to toadstools and mushrooms and are part of the Basidiomycota. Unfortunately this one is not listed in my book.

This particular fungi was found on a recently burnt Eucalyptus (Stringy Bark?). It was fairly old and starting to rot out. I think it is a Laetiporus portentosus; beautiful smooth and white when new, and riddled with holes as it ages. Interestingly, it seems that Indigenous Australians used the fungi to transport fire.

Another Basidiomycota, but this one lives on rotting tree trunks and often shelves/piles itself. I believe it is Australoporus tasmanicus, although it is difficult to tell given its old age. 

Interesting Fact:
According to GoogleAnalytics, 'Magic Mushrooms' is my biggest Google-search-hit for my fungi blogs. Amusing. I am fairly certain that none of these are magic. Sorry.

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