Monday, May 31, 2010

Exciting newly-found soil blogs! Yee haaa!

Excitement plus!

Two newly discovered Dirt-Blogs!

The Dirt on Soil is a blog about a geologist/hydrologists discovery of soil. I am particularly excited about following this one, as it follows a journey of discovery and excitement for a new love: dirt. The author explores her new love and shares tidbits of information with her readers. She also lives in Austin, Texas; a place I would love to visit.

The Dirt on Soil: Amanda

The Soil Scientist looks at soil from an environmental perspective. The U.S. author looks at soil in a broader environmental context, and its role in global food, diversity, water and climate. My research and interests are strongly in line with soil as part of whole ecosystem processes. I look forward to following this blog.


  1. There's enough of you now to do a Soils Blog Carnival! Carnival of the Dirt?

  2. He he. 10 altogether now. Could try?!?

  3. Thanks for your recommendation! I got your comments on my posts, and will get back to you as soon as I can :-)