Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Interactive Online Soil?

What type of grub is that? Do only worms eat rotting leaves? Do soil bugs help to make soil healthy? All these questions (and more) can be answered online. 

Interactive online media is becoming more important for education. It can reach anyone, anywhere and provides opportunities for those who do not have access to formal education. Zoe sent me this great little website by the University of New England: Living Soils. I also found another one by UNE on general Oz Soils.

The Living Soils website takes you through an interactive journey of soil biology. It includes the food web, nutrient cycling, decomposition, soil formation and other fun soil biological things! Click through and learn about different soil biota and what they look like.
Oz Soils goes through all the components of soil science: chemistry, biology, morphology, hydrology, nutrient cycling etc. It too is a great interactive website, that you can click through and discover what soil is all about!

The UNE in Armidale, NSW Australia has just refurbished their soil science facilities. They also recently hosted the ASSSI Regional Forum for Soil Science. You can check out their programs at: Soil Science UNE.

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