Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are there really over 2000 soil scientists in the world?

Can you imagine over 2000 soil scientists in one place at one time? What will they all be talking about? Sounds like a nerd fest to me! (of the dirty kind)

Next week (1st - 6th August) is the 19th World Congress of Soil Science, being held in Brisbane, Australia. Soil scientists from around the world are converging on Brisvegas for the every 4-year congress, to swap soil science and information. The last time the congress was held in Australia was in 1968 in Brisbane.  Soil science and ideas have changed considerably in the last 40 years, with focus and slogan being 'soil solutions for a changing world'. Some topics include: soil and climate change, soil carbon sequestration, soil water interface, attracting (young) people into soil careers, soil in urban environments and sustainable agriculture.

Where do the 2000 soil scientists come from? Everywhere! My school, The Fenner School @ANU, has 15+ soil scientists attending the congress. Although we are a relatively small contingent compared to other institutions, we have a huge diversity of papers. I am presenting some findings on adapting methods for extracting water soluble phosphorous in saline sodic soils. My co-PhD'ers are presenting some of their research on changes in soil chemistry with stream restoration and changes in soil carbon under farming pasture and tree lots in South Eastern Australia. The contingent are also presenting papers on nutrients in pasture cropping, soil carbon methods, public engagement of soil science and alpine soils. In addition, 3 of us will be representing the NSW/ACT Branch of the Australian Society of Soil Science Inc. It looks to be a very busy and exciting week of soil!

Love to hear if any of you (fellow soil scientists, bloggers and readers) are coming to the congress. Would be great to catch up and meet you all.

See you at the Congress!


  1. I hope you filled that hole in and tamped it down properly. We can't go making animals lame now...

  2. Jessica: What a gorgeous gold B (I assume)horizon. I just found your blog and very much like what you're doing with it. Added you to my blogroll. Good luck, and good food!

  3. Many thanks, John! I do enjoy reading terra central as well. :D