Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keen to collaborate?

You a Soil Scientist?
Environmental Scientist?
Young or new in the field?
Like to teach and educate?
Like writing and sharing knowledge?
Like working in a team and sharing ideas?
Interested in blogging?

I am looking for people to join Soilduck!

Perhaps you want to blog? You can write about anything within the broad lines of soil science, land management, rehabilitation, restoration and life as a scientist.

Or maybe you are interested in Open Access and Wiki's?

All blogs will be reviewed by one of the authors prior to publication online.  Attributions will be solely to the author of the article.

Get in touch if you are interested!


  1. Hi Dr. Drake:

    I noticed your invitation to collaborate on Soilduck. I've been thinking it might be interesting to have your perspective expressed at terra central, hosted by the American Geophysical Union. Would you like to guest post? I could reciprocate at Soilduck or maybe collaborate in other ways, if you like. What do you think?

    All the best,


  2. Not quite a Dr yet, John!

    I will try to contact you at AGU Blogosphere.