Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mining and Environment Outreach: Guest Blogging

Are you interested in environment and mining?
Do you like to write? Or want to have a go trying?
Are you keen on Open Access science and information sharing?
Or keen on sharing your thoughts and ideas?

Soilduck wants YOU!

The Idea
To share information and ideas about mining and environment in Australia from multiple viewpoints and perspectives. To offer opportunities for collaboration between people, to exchange ideas, to have open debate and idea sharing. You can be a scientist, work in the industry, be a member of a mining community, an interested person or whomever!

What is a blog?
A blog is a means of expressing scientific ideas and thoughts in a personal and informal manner. It can be used for collaboration, idea sharing, information spreading, criticism and comment. When you blog, you expect comments and replies as a means of furthering your ideas.

What to write?
Anything on mining and environment. It needs to be a-political, balanced and demonstrate problems and solutions. It can not include promotion of self or companies.

Is it necessary to say? Is it kind? Is it true? Do you maintain your integrity? Do you believe it?

Also - it will be reviewed before posting.

Soilduck is covered under a Creative Commons license. The license can be extended to all authors. Pseudonyms are welcome, but not encouraged. They must be linked back to at least one other internet source, such as Twitter or your own blog.

Soilduck encourages open debate and open review, in the spirit of Open Science. All authors are to write a short bio to go with their post.

If you are interested in getting involved, love to hear from you.

Happy blogging!

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