Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sustainable Mining Lecture

I have been asked to give an Introductory Lecture on Sustainable Mining in Australia. I am after fellow readers/interested people and experts thoughts and opinions on this topic.

Lecture Aim: 
To provide information to students that allows them to explore the idea of sustainability in the Australian minerals industry.

Where sustainability = environmental, social and economic intergenerational equity. 

Lecture Objectives:
  1. Allow the students to think about sustaibility in the industry; allow them to make their own decision. 
  2. Provide a balanced viewpoint using case studies and facts. This will be based on three main aspects: economics and people, science and policy.
  3. Promote the idea of collaboration between industry, NGOs, government, scientists and communities for positive outcomes

Outline of Lecture: 
  • Discuss aims and objectives of lecture
  • Give a brief overview of current mining in Australia - areas, types of materials, economics
  • Discuss economics and people: benefits, shut-down, MRRT (mining tax) giving case studies from Australia and the world.
  • Discuss current policy in Australia and recent changes, for example the NSW Coalitions new strategy for agricultural areas and updated policy in WA
  • Discuss current rehabilitation science and limitations, including food security and successfully rehabilitated mines
  • Discuss the benefits of collaboration and successful stories of sustainable mining
  • Main points, conclusion and questions
Your ideas and thoughts are welcome and appreciated! Please leave them in the comments section below.


  1. Already have two ideas from Australian Mining:
    and Clermont RioTinto

  2. The lecture about sustainable mining can help students understand its positive and negative impact in their life. I hope they continue giving that lecture.

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