Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mud Monsters: Soil Sculpture in Soil Science Communication

Two friends of mine, a soil scientist and a designer, have worked together to create a free public sculpture exhibition educating people about Alpine Soil and salt in the High Country of Australia.

"These sculptures are based on research by Richard Hocking about the effects of salt on our alpine bogs and reflect the findings that soils in the bogs hold on to salt as it flows down from the roads.

Viveka’s work focuses on the intersection of creative practice, research and sustainability. She studied at the College of Fine Art and is soon to complete her PhD at ANU.

Materials: Adobe, PVC pipe, garden solar lights

Lakelight Sculptures: Lake Jindabyne, Easter 2011"

If you are around Jindabyne, drop past and have a look at the sculptures. If not, perhaps you have been inspired to make your own soil sculpture!

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  1. Those sculptures are awesome!! Love it when art and science meld.