Friday, October 28, 2011

Interesting, Inspiring and Educational Environmental Videos

Finding inspiring and educational films is so important in training young environmental scientists and managers.

I am teaching Environmental Rehabilitation and Catchment Management this semester at the Canberra Institute of Technology. Quite often, we are unable to go out to sites to look at how things are actually being managed or implemented. This is when I rely on good videos to help teach my students.

Many videos that we have watched this semester, my students (and myself) have found interesting and even inspiring.

Hope in a Changing Climate is my all-time-favourite environmental restoration and rehabilitation film. If you want to be inspired about large-scale, long-term, sustainable change... then this is a must see!

I was delighted to find that the ABC has a great series of videos on the Murray-Darling Basin. We watched several in my class, including those on the views from the farmers, the politicians (both sides), the scientists and environmentalists. A really great educational resource with fantastic divergent views.

Searching on more environmental aspects of the Murray-Darling Basin, I found a Catalyst show called  Fire, Flood and Acid Mud. It is an excellent piece of up-to-date science, and very well communicated. It was most enjoyed (and debated, along with the ABC videos) by the class.

When looking for videos on mining, I was really focusing on finding some practical videos on different methods of mine rehabilitation. And they were quite hard to find*. Because of our geographical location, safety and other concerns, it is hard to get onto minesites and training videos are vital. The Eden Project has a short video on how their china clay pit was transformed into Biodomes. Whilst Barrick Gold discuss some of their rehabilitation practices at Pueblo Viejo mine. I also found an interesting video from Ecuador (via @pezrojizo) on the Yasuni-ITT focusing on alternative investments and initiatives in oil rich country.

*I would love any more fantastic videos people may have on restoration, mining, catchment management and other related topics. And if you know of any good ones, please send them through!