Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Strawberry Snatcher

Case: The Strawberry Snatcher

The Problem:
My box-garden is doing much better this year, after some good rain and a new position in the sun! However, I have had some of my foodstuffs stolen by a cheeky animal. Happy to share, but all my baby spinach?!?! I don't think so!

What has gone missing: 
Strawberries, basil and baby spinach

List of suspects:
Snails and Slugs

Investigation #1 - Check for Possums
I covered the pot with netting. Waited for a few days and checked. The basil and baby spinach still went missing. Unlikely to be a possum. 

Investigation #2 - Slugs and Snails
Put out some slug and snail deterrent (stuff that has done the trick before). No use; basil decimated! Decide that a bird is probably after the strawberries, but still not certain about the spinach and basil... 

So I give up and replant my seeds... and hope for the best.

Whilst at home one day... 
... I heard the rustling of leaves from behind my pots. And there the thief was! Caught red-handed was a blue tongue lizard! Mum did always say there were quite partial to a strawberry or two :D

My Mum-in-law also has problems with lizards and Cunningham's Skinks eating her rocket and other salad greens. I am guessing old Blue Tongue here likes basil and spinach too. 

I suppose I will just have to share; plant more and hope he doesn't eat them all! :D

The Case of the Strawberry Snatcher: Solved

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