Thursday, January 5, 2012

Open Access Soil #2: Five Shiny Open Access Journals!

Like to share your research? Get people to use it? Make it freely available to anyone? And still be peer-reviewed? You are in luck! There are five shiny-open-access-journals to do just that!

Almost a year ago I wrote about Open Access Soil Science  and the possibilities for more collaboration, cooperating and sharing in soil science. Now, we soilies are lucky to have five (!!) open access soil science journals. 

Open Journal of Soil Science is relatively new peer-reviewed journal, with one volume and three issues so far. It is indexed in a few places including Google Scholar. 

Applied and Environmental Soil Science is getting to be a big peer-reviewed open journal! It is indexed in stacks of places and has quite a few editors and articles. 

The Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition is a peer-reviewed journal available in English and Portuguese. It has a great statistics page on its site for all that vital information. 

Journal of Soil Science and Environmental Management has a few volumes now! It has a small editorial panel and takes all sorts of articles.

The last journal is ISRN Soil Science. It is recently launched and there are no papers available yet.

Now, I have to finish of these papers and send them off to these awesome Open Science journals! Viva open access!!

If you see any more Open Access Soil Journals, please send them in! :D


  1. Keep up with 4 of those titles in JournalTOCs

    Sadly, Journal of Soil Science and Environmental Management, has no RSS TOC feed.

  2. Here's another one International Journal of Soil Science

  3. That is awesome! Thanks Roddy.

  4. These journals are very good journals providing good information for researchers and scholarly researchers.