Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What will I do, when I finish the PhD: Soil and more

I am (finally) submitting my PhD thesis shortly and people keep on asking me what I plan to do next.

To be honest, I am not sure. Who knows what will come next! But, I thought I would share some of soil-related things I'd love to do when I finish.

Right after I submit...
* Celebrate with close friends, colleagues and family
* Have a holiday

* Teach my awesome students at CIT
* Look for work with awesome people in soil or mining science
* Spend time in the Hackerspace doing some art-meets-science projects
* Blog my thesis and all sorts of things that are soil
* Spend some time doing soil education and workshops at the Hackerspace

Further on...
* Collaborate with others on an open access soil journal that bridges managers and scientists (e.g. Flamma)
* Collaborate with others on soil and environmental advocacy and educational work
* Work on open access and accessibility to soil research and methods (e.g. wikis)

Crossing fingers!


  1. Well Jess

    Here are some further suggestions to make your hard work count and actually mean something. Many foreign students come to Sweden to achieve higher education so as to create greater wealth and dream income for themselves. For most today there is no real such things even after the graduate, especially in the failed economic times we live in.

    But assuming you really love this career and science, then by all means make the most of your posts, studies, articles, and research. Forget trying to impress the Panel of Peers and reach out to educate the common man/woman. So many in your field of science or any other science for that matter tend to talk down to the public with intellect speak. People get enough of that crap from their Politicians, Big Business & Religious laeders.

    Don't attach to much pride or importance to flattering title before your name or long envied initials after your name. Our world is loaded with people like this who are either directly or indirectly responsible for much of the ruin our natural world now faces.

    Congradulations, but make a difference in a better unconventional way. Reach out to the common folk and teach them to benefit themselves with the knowledge they possess.

  2. yay goals :-) I'm excited about what you end up doing

  3. Thanks all. :) I am pretty excited about the next chapter too.

    My mate, with small kids, noticed that many Kids TV shows have bad science in them. Maybe I could be a TV Sci Comm person for kids shows?!?! That'd be fun!