Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Soil: Blogs and People

Some pretty exciting things have been happening in the soil world over the last few weeks.

Nathan Weber has come on board at Soilduck as a co-editor and regular author. His background is in flood-plain soils, hydrology and restoration. Nathan will be writing about his favourite soil soon.

The European Geoscience Union has a new Soil Science Blog. They are looking for posts on new and latest research, soil scientist profiles and interesting photos/videos and stories of soil. You can submit your stories here.

Soilduck. has also started a new photo and video blog: See My Soil. The blog is a collection of interesting soil-stuff from around the world. You can Show Your Soil here.

Do you know of any new and exciting soil?


  1. Interesting links and I like the Photo gallery blog. The soil at the bottom from Australia looks exactly like soil down in the Imperial Valley region which is below sea level. The closer one gets to the Salton Sea, the more the soil resembles your Aussie pics. On one tree thrives around that ---->> Tamarisk


    1. Please send in photos if you have them! Love to see them on the blog :)