Monday, August 20, 2012

Why I heart soil: Jess

Why do I research soil? Why do I love it so much? Why is it so fascinating?

 @LClaessen inspired me to think about why I love soil so much. These are my top 10 reasons:

1. That life is soil. And soil is life.
2. It is biologically diverse. One teaspoon of soil has 1 billion bacteria living in it.
3. Soil is beautiful. I love the different horizons, colours, clays and layers.
4. It allows us to produce food.
5. It is mysterious; there is a lot we don't know about soil.
6. It cleans our water.
7. It is complex. There are many chemical, biological and physical interactions in soil.
8. Every soil is different and unique.
9. The feel of wet soil in my hands, and its rich smell of life, reminds me of being a kid.
10. Soil supports our daily lives by providing us with the resources we need to live.

Why do you heart soil?


  1. Okay you got to the part about that rich earthy smell. If you'd missed that I would have raised heck with you.

    As a side note, I've gotten to know more about Africans and their way of cleaning foulded water. They take Alum rock and put the stone in the water over night and next it's mostly clear. They syphon off the good water then put some type of chlorine tablets in the water for extra measure.


  2. Interesting. Surely that only kills some diseases etc, though....