Tuesday, December 4, 2012

#soils2012: Soil solutions for diverse landscapes

Such an amazing array of diverse soil stories. From carbon and climate change, to soil Forensics. From nitrogen and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, to soil education and culture. New Zealand and Australian Soil Societies sure put on a show!

Nathan and I are at Soil Science 2012 this week. This is possibly our last conference with the ANU Soil Team (Helen King, Zoe Read and Daniela Carnovale), and we are having a blast! There is just so many amazing projects out there, each trying to save the world in their own way. I am not really sure I even have a favourite talk yet! :) It is really great to see some practical solutions to some really complicated soil, agricultural, mining and environmental problems.

We'll write up a Synopsis of our favourite talks after the conference. For now, if you are interested, follow #soils2012 on Twitter or the Soil Science Australia Facebook page for updates.