Cool Links and Blogs

Soil Science Pages
Soil Science Info - Jobs and More!
International Union of Soil Science
Australian Society of Soil Science Inc
Living Soils: Teaching Tool
Oz Soils: An Interactive Introduction to Soil Science

Soil Blogs
G-Soil: Official Blog of the Soil Science System Division of the EGU
AGU Blogosphere: Soils, Geology, Water, Mars
Terra Central:Soil: The intersection of lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and society
Polar Soils Blog: Track the adventures in research of soil ecology in Antarctica
Colby Digs Soil
The Dirt on Soil: Your Environment in Austin, TX
Soilicious: Green Life in Brooklyn
Soil Doctor's Blog
Soil and the Environment
PSmall's Soil Blog
The Soil Scientist 
Through the Sandglass
Sheep Farmer: Zoe Read, Soil Scientist
The World of Nematodes
Soil Journal Club (currently offline)
Pillar Environmental 
Wired for Soils: Blog of the Soil Science Society of America
Soil Yourself 
Fubarite with soil scientist Andi Halliday
Mud-Stained Soles
David Rahe with Illinois Soils
Bredbo Valley View Farm on sustainable holistic farming

Environmental Blogs
World of Ecology with Dr Vivian
Science Blogs - Environment
NASA Earth Observatory
Rowdy Kittens: Social Change through Simple Living
A Foodie's Quest
The Nature of Robertson
Coffee with Ruby
Wetland Wanderer - Exploring the Murray Darling Basin

Other Rad Blogs
Project Gus: Might even work.
Foxes in the Graveyard: Art by Kelly Rae Burns, Austin TX
Dale Tidy Photography
Hideyo Designs: Sustainable Design
One T Short: Scott Newman, Photographer
Mind the Gap: rethinking academia, education, technology and research
Like nerds? Join a group!
Canberra Hackerspace: Make, Hack, Void
Canberra Organic Growers Society: COGS